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Profilers > Simulator > Overview of the Simulator
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Overview of the Simulator

Simulation enables you to discover the distribution of model outputs as a function of the random variation in the model inputs and noise. The Simulator in the profilers enables you to define random inputs, run simulations, and produce output tables of simulated values.

For example, you can use the simulator to model the defect rate of a process and to explore the robustness of the defect rate with respect to variation in the model factors. If specification limits have been set for the responses, they are displayed in the simulation output. The inclusion of specification limits enables you to perform a prospective capability analysis of the simulated model. For information about adding specification limits, see Spec Limits in Using JMP.

You can access the Simulator through the Prediction, Contour, and Custom Profilers. The appearance of the Simulator depends on the profiler platform in which it appears.

Prediction Profiler

In the Prediction Profiler, the Simulator is integrated into the graphical layout. Factor specifications are displayed below each factor’s profile. A simulation histogram is shown on the right for each response.

Contour Profiler and Custom Profiler

In the Contour and Custom profilers, the Simulator is not integrated into the graphical layout. There are no integrated histograms, and the interface is textual. However, the process is the same and the resulting output tables are the same as in other profilers.

Note: The Simulator supports mixture terms. The simulation assigns the random value to each mixture factor and then proportionally adjusts the values to maintain the factor constraints.

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