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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Use Markers in Graphs > Exclude and Hide Markers
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Exclude and Hide Markers

Use the Rows > Hide and Exclude command to suppress the appearance and exclude from statistical analyses the highlighted rows. Data remains hidden and excluded until you select Rows > Hide and Exclude again.

Using the Exclude/Unexclude command, you can exclude highlighted rows from statistical analyses. Data remains excluded until you select Rows > Exclude/Unexclude for those highlighted rows.

Note: Excluded data are not automatically hidden in plots even though they are excluded from calculations in text reports and graphs.

Using the Hide/Unhide command, you can suppress (hide) the appearance of highlighted points in scatterplots. For example, you can exclude points from analysis and then hide those same points in scatterplots. The data remain hidden until you select Rows > Hide/Unhide for highlighted hidden rows.

Note: Hidden points are not automatically excluded from statistical computations that affect text reports and graphs, even though they are not displayed in the plots. To exclude hidden observations from analyses, you must highlight them and select Rows > Exclude/Unexclude characteristic.

To exclude or hide markers (points) from analyses, follow these steps:

1. Highlight the marker(s) that you would like to exclude or hide.

2. Right-click anywhere in a graph.

3. Select Row Exclude or Row Hide.

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