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Using JMP > JMP Reports
Publication date: 11/10/2021

JMP Reports

Navigate and Customize Report Windows

Most JMP platforms present the results of your analyses in a report window. The report window consists of graphs and statistical reports that are often linked to the data table. When you select data in the graph or report, the data is highlighted in the data table. Figure 9.1 shows an example of selected data in a report window and in a data table.

This chapter describes how to customize the colors, lines, data points, and other graphical elements in a report window.

Figure 9.1 Example of a JMP Report Window and Data TableĀ 

Example of a JMP Report Window and Data Table


Navigate JMP Reports

Use the Hand Tool
Display Options for JMP Reports
Show and Hide Parts of a JMP Report
Combine Several Reports
Rename Titles in Reports
Increase Font Sizes in Reports
Resize a Report Window

Red Triangle Options in JMP Reports

Local Data Filters in Reports
Redo Menus in Reports
Save Script Menus in Reports

The Data Filter

Types of Filter Columns
Filtering Modes
The Data Filter Control Panel
Red Triangle Options for the Data Filter
Animation in Data Filters
Red Triangle Options for Variables in Data Filters

Reformat Tables in Reports

Modify Display Box Properties in a JMP Report
Turn a Table in a JMP Report Into a Matrix
Use Conditional Formatting in Reports

Select Points in Graphs

Select Rows in Graphs
Select a Rectangular Area of Points in a JMP Graph
Select an Irregularly Shaped Area of Points in a JMP Graph

Use Markers in Graphs

Change the Shape of Markers
Change the Color of Markers
Change the Size of Markers
Work with Crowded Markers
Add Outlines Around Markers
Change the Selection Mode of Markers
Specify the Transparency of Markers
Exclude and Hide Markers
Use Images as Markers
Change the Shape or Color of Markers Based On Values

Change the Appearance of Graphs

Resize Graphs
Zoom In on Graphs
Change Line Widths in Graphs
Change the Background Color in Graphs
Change the Color of Histogram Bars
Display Coordinates and Temporary Reference Lines in Graphs
Scroll and Scale Axes in Graphs
Customize Axes and Axis Labels in Graphs
Change the Order of Values in Reports
Change the Pattern and Format of Selected Objects in Graphs
Add a Graph to a Data Table
Customize Markers, Lines, Text, and More in Graphs

Add Images to a JMP Graph or Report

Paste a Background Image into a JMP Graph
Paste an Image at the End of a JMP Report
Drag and Drop an Image into a JMP Graph
Add Geographical Images and Boundaries to JMP Graphs
Extract Data from an Image

Add Annotations and Shapes to JMP Reports and Graphs

Add Annotations to JMP Reports or Graphs
Add Shapes to JMP Reports

Customize Hover Labels in Graphs

Add Graphs or Images to Hover Labels
Add Rich Text to Hover Labels in Graphs
Update Names and Values in Hover Labels
Edit Hover Labels in Graphs
Add Images from Data Tables to Hover Labels
Pin Hover Labels in Graphs
Right-Click Options for Hover Labels
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