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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Change the Appearance of Graphs > Change the Pattern and Format of Selected Objects in Graphs
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Change the Pattern and Format of Selected Objects in Graphs

Patterns appear on some objects such as bars and maps when you select them. You can change the pattern for a specific object in the legend.

Right-click the item in the legend and select Fill Pattern to select a new pattern.

To remove the pattern, right-click the item again and select Revert.

Modify the Format of Selected Objects in All Graphs

Select File > Preferences > Graphs (Windows) or JMP > Preferences > Graphs (macOS) to change the Filled Areas preferences.

To change the highlight on selected objects, select one of the following Filled Selection Mode preferences:

Selected Patterned

Striped pattern (the default setting)

Selected Darker

Solid darker color

Selected Outlined


Selected Same Color

The Fill Selection Color in the preferences formats the selected object.

To change the color of selected rows in graphic objects when the Fill Selection Mode is “Selected Same Color”, click the Fill Selection Color bar. The default color is red.

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