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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Change the Appearance of Graphs
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Change the Appearance of Graphs

There are many ways that you can format your report to meet your needs. The sections that follow detail how to make changes to the graphical portions of your output reports.

Tip: If you have a touchscreen, you can pan and zoom most graphs and axes in JMP. Graphs and axes change scale and zoom out if pinched, and zoom in if stretched.

Resize Graphs

Zoom In on Graphs

Change Line Widths in Graphs

Change the Background Color in Graphs

Change the Color of Histogram Bars

Display Coordinates and Temporary Reference Lines in Graphs

Scroll and Scale Axes in Graphs

Customize Axes and Axis Labels in Graphs

Change the Order of Values in Reports

Change the Pattern and Format of Selected Objects in Graphs

Add a Graph to a Data Table

Customize Markers, Lines, Text, and More in Graphs

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