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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Zoom In on Graphs

The magnifier Image shown here lets you automatically zoom in on any area of a plot. When you click the magnifier, the point or area where you click becomes the center of a new view of the data. The scale of the new view enlarges, giving you a closer look at interesting points or patterns. You can perform any of the following actions:

Click and drag the magnifier to focus in on a particular region of the plot.

On a ternary plot, drag the magnifier to zoom the triangular axes.

Zoom repeatedly to look closer at the data.

Press Ctrl and click the magnifier to return to your previous state before the last zoom.

Double-click or press Alt and click the magnifier to restore the original plot.

On Windows, you can also zoom by pressing Ctrl and using the mouse wheel.

On macOS, zoom by pressing Option and clicking the area.

Note: You can zoom in and still see a center point by dragging from the axis to inside the graph. For a vertical axis, click a position and drag right into the graph. This zooms in on the scale, adjusting both endpoints of the scale but keeping the clicked value in about the same position. Dragging left zooms out.

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