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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Resize Graphs

There are two main ways to resize graphs in JMP: using the click and drag method or resizing it according to pixel size.

Note: You can also change the default size of a graph using the Graph Height option in File > Preferences > Graphs.

Use Click and Drag

To resize a plot or graph using the click and drag method:

1. Place the cursor on the right edge, bottom edge, or lower right corner of the plot frame. The cursor changes to a small double-arrow.

2. Click and drag to change the size of the plot. When you resize, the height and width of all plots in that frame adjust independently of other frames in the same report window. Table 9.2 describes how to adjust the plot.

Table 9.2 Resizing Actions



Adjust the plot frame but preserve the proportions (aspect ratio)

Press Shift and click and drag the corner of the frame.

Adjust a plot in 8-pixel increments

Press Alt and click and drag the corner of the frame.

Adjust all plots of the same type simultaneously

Press Ctrl and click and drag the corner of one of the plots. If you do this for one scatterplot, the action is broadcast to all scatterplots in the window, and they resize together. Any other types of plots remain unchanged.

Specify Graph Size in Pixels

To resize a plot or graph to a specific pixel size:

1. Right-click the plot or graph.

2. Select Size/Scale > Frame Size.

3. Enter the number of pixels for the frame’s height and width.

Note: For more information about the other options in the Size/Scale menu, see Scroll and Scale Axes in Graphs.

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