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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Use Markers in Graphs > Work with Crowded Markers
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Work with Crowded Markers

A large number of markers on a graph can appear crowded on a graph. You might need to alter the transparency to gain a better view. Altering the transparency might also affect the marker drawing mode, which is the mode JMP uses when it refreshes a report window. As markers are drawn on a plot, JMP uses one of two speeds: normal or fast.

To change the marker drawing speed

1. Right-click anywhere in a graph. In a histogram, right-click the box plot area on the right.

2. Select Marker Drawing Mode, and then select either Normal or Fast.


If JMP is in normal drawing mode and the number of markers on a graph are more than the specified threshold number, JMP automatically switches to fast mode. See Preferences for JMP Reports for more information about setting the marker threshold.


Graphs that display a large number of markers appear faster if you set the marker drawing speed to Fast. Note that when the drawing speed is set to Fast, the smallest marker size (Dot) is applied, and marker transparency settings revert to the default opaqueness.


See Add Outlines Around Markers.

To fill hollow markers

In the JMP preferences, select Graphs and then select Fill Hollow Markers. Hollow markers on all graphs are filled with an opaque background.

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