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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Customize Hover Labels in Graphs > Right-Click Options for Hover Labels
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Right-Click Options for Hover Labels

Background Color

Applies the selected color to the label background.

Frame Color

Applies the selected color to the label border and tag line.

Text Color

Applies the selected color to the text.


Applies the background color and frame color to the label. Selected by default.

Use Gradient

Shades the background color vertically from light to dark. Selected by default.


Applies the selected font family to the text. The default font is determined by your JMP Font preferences.

If a script with a pinned label refers to a font that is not on the computer, the script does not run.

Add Text

Adds text to the bottom of the label.

Replace Text

Change the text on the tooltip. If you redo the analysis, the tooltip text remains updated.

Tag Line

Draws a line between the label and the data point. The Frame Color is applied to the line.


Copies the hover label contents to the clipboard.


Opens a data table with the subset data associated with the hover label.


Opens the Hover Label Editor, where you can further edit the contents of the hover label. See Edit Hover Labels in Graphs.


Removes the label. You can also remove the label by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the label.

Note: To return to the default label formatting, remove the label and add it again.

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