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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereFunctional Data Explorer Group Options

Functional Data Explorer Group options are available only when there are multiple functional processes specified in the Stacked Data Format tab in the launch window.


A submenu of options to show or hide plots of functional summary statistics for all functional processes. See Summaries.

Data Processing

A submenu of data processing options that can be applied to all functional processes. See Data Processing Report Options.


A submenu of model options that can be fit to all functional processes. See Models.

Save Data

Saves the processed data for all functional processes to a new data table. The processed data are saved in the stacked data format.

Save Summaries

Saves the summary statistics specified in each Function Summaries report to a new data table. The name of the new data table describes the model fit. This data table contains formula columns for the eigenfunctions, mean function, prediction function, and conditional prediction function for each of the Y variables. In the data table, there is a profiler script for each Y variable that launches the prediction profilers for the prediction and conditional prediction formulas. These formulas are functions of the input variable, the ID variable, and the eigenfunctions.

Arrange in Rows

Specifies how many reports are displayed across the window.

See Local Data Filters in Reports, Redo Menus in Reports, and Save Script Menus in Reports in Using JMP for more information about the following options:

Local Data Filter

Shows or hides the local data filter that enables you to filter the data used in a specific report.


Contains options that enable you to repeat or relaunch the analysis. In platforms that support the feature, the Automatic Recalc option immediately reflects the changes that you make to the data table in the corresponding report window.

Save Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the report to several destinations.

Save By-Group Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the platform report for all levels of a By variable to several destinations. Available only when a By variable is specified in the launch window.

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