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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereFunctional Data Explorer

Perform Functional Data Analysis

The Functional Data Explorer platform is available only in JMP Pro.

The Functional Data Explorer (FDE) platform is designed for data that are functions, signals, or series. It can be used as an exploratory data analysis tool or as a dimension-reduction technique. In the case of dimension reduction, the FDE platform converts functional data into a form that can be analyzed in another JMP platform.

Data preprocessing tools are available in the FDE platform, including several types of transformations for output data and alignments for input data. A functional model is created by fitting a B-spline, P-spline, or Fourier basis model to the data. When a model is fit, functional principal components analysis (functional PCA) is automatically performed on the functional model. Results from the functional PCA, such as the functional principal component scores, are saved to a separate data table for feature extraction or dimension reduction.

Figure 16.1 B-Spline Model Selection in FDE 

B-Spline Model Selection in FDE


Overview of the Functional Data Explorer Platform

Example of Functional Data Explorer

Launch the Functional Data Explorer Platform

The Functional Data Explorer Report

Model Reports

Functional Data Explorer Platform Options

Functional Data Explorer Group Options
Data Processing Report Options
Model Report Options

Additional Examples of the Functional Data Explorer Platform

Example for Multiple Functional Processes
Example of Functional DOE

Statistical Details for the Functional Data Explorer Platform

Functional Model Fits
Function Summaries Details
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