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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereModel Report Options

Model Selection

Displays a submenu of choices to use as the model selection criteria. The choices are AICc, BIC, and GCV. See Likelihood, AICc, and BIC in Fitting Linear Models.

Plot Basis

Shows or hides a plot of all the basis functions on one graph.

Diagnostic Plots

Shows or hides the Diagnostics Plots report. See Diagnostic Plots

Function Summaries

Shows or hides the Function Summaries report. See Function Summaries.

Basis Function Coefficients

Shows or hides the Basis Function Coefficients report. See Basis Function Coefficients.

Random Coefficients by Function

Shows or hides the Random Coefficients by Function report. See Random Coefficients by Function.

Functional PCA

Shows or hides the Functional PCA report. See Functional PCA.

Functional DOE Analysis

(Available only if at least one supplementary variable is specified in the launch window.) Launches a Generalized Regression report within the FDE platform. A generalized regression model is fit to each of the FPC score functions using the supplementary variables as model effects. By default, a two degree factorial model is fit and the Estimation Method is Best Subset. Note that categorical quadratic effects are not included. If the number of terms in the model is greater than 21 or the number of functions is greater than 1000, the Estimation Method automatically switches to Pruned Forward. Alternatively, you can specify a model script in the original data table that defines the desired model fit. Modeling the FPC scores using the supplementary variables enables you to use the model fit to determine how the response changes based on the supplementary variables. Use the FDOE Profiler to explore how the supplementary variables affect the response.

The Functional DOE Analysis report contains the following red triangle menu options:

Generalized Regression for FPC Scores

Shows or hides the Generalized Regression reports for each FPC score. For more information on Generalized Regression model reports, see Model Fit Reports in Fitting Linear Models.

Diagnostic Plots

Shows or hides actual by predicted and residual plots for the response variable.

FDOE Profiler

Shows or hides the FDOE Profiler, which enables you to explore how the response changes based on the supplementary variables. For more information about the FPC Profiler red triangle menu options, see Profiler in Profilers.

Save Columns

Shows a list with the options Save Prediction Formula and Save Residual Formula. These options save the corresponding formula to a new column in the data table.

Save Data

Saves the modeled data to a new data table. The modeled data are saved in the stacked data format.

Remove Fit

Removes the model report for the specified fit.

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