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Using JMP > Get Started with JMP > JMP Starter Window
Publication date: 11/10/2021

JMP Starter Window

The JMP Starter window is a good place to begin if you are not familiar with JMP or data analysis. Options are categorized and described, and you launch them by clicking a button. The JMP Starter window covers many of the options found in the Analyze, Graph, Tables, and File menus.

To open the JMP Starter window, select View (Window on macOS) > JMP Starter.

To display the JMP Starter automatically when you open JMP on Windows, select File > Preferences > General, and then select JMP Starter from the Initial JMP Window list. On the macOS, select this option on the JMP > Preferences > General page.

Figure 2.18 shows the JMP Starter window for Windows. The macOS JMP Starter window is identical.

Figure 2.18 The JMP Starter Window (Windows) 

The JMP Starter Window (Windows)

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