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Predictive and Specialized Modeling > Process Screening > Launch the Process Screening Platform
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Launch the Process Screening Platform

Launch the Process Screening platform by selecting Analyze > Screening > Process Screening.

Figure 23.5 Process Screening Launch Window 

Process Screening Launch Window

For more information about the options in the Select Columns red triangle menu, see Column Filter Menu in Using JMP.

Launch Window Roles

Process Variables

The columns of process data containing the measurements to be analyzed. The columns must have a Numeric data type. If a process variable has a Control Limits column property, the Process Screening platform uses those limits to calculate the Specified Sigma.

Note: The platform does not support control limits that are specified in a Control Limits column property for dispersion (R) charts.


Columns assigned as grouping variables. Each process variable is analyzed at each combination of levels of the grouping variables. The results are presented in a single report.


Assigns one or more subgroup variables. If more than one subgroup variable is assigned, the subgroup levels are defined as a combination of the multiple columns.

Note: The Subgroup role is ignored for Indiv and MR charts.


A numeric column whose values are used for the time order for the data. Use the Time role for data that are time-stamped. The time stamp is used for the time axis in quick graphs and shift graphs. The process data are sorted by the Time variable before calculations are performed.


A column whose levels define separate analyses. For each level of the specified column, the corresponding rows are analyzed using the other variables that you have specified. The results are presented in separate tables and reports. If more than one By variable is assigned, a separate analysis is produced for each possible combination of the levels of the By variables.

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