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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Process Screening

Screen Many Processes for Stability and Capability

Use the Process Screening platform for exploring a large number of processes across time. The platform calculates process stability and process capability metrics. The platform creates control charts and detects large process shifts. The platform is intended to expedite the evaluation of a very large number of processes by enabling you to quickly focus on the processes that are unstable, not capable of meeting specification limits, or subject to shifts in the mean.

Based on your initial results, you can choose to explore specific processes graphically or in greater analytical depth. You can easily access the Control Chart Builder and Process Capability platforms. You can save detailed results for all of your processes or for specific processes.

Figure 23.1 Example of a Process Performance Graph 

Example of a Process Performance Graph


Overview of the Process Screening Platform

Example of Process Screening

Launch the Process Screening Platform

Launch Window Roles
Launch Window Options
Limits Table

The Process Screening Report

Process Screening Platform Options

Process Performance Graph

Additional Example of Process Screening

Statistical Details for the Process Screening Platform

Scaling Factors for Using Medians to Estimate Sigma
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