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Reliability and Survival Methods > Life Distribution > Life Distribution - Compare Groups Report
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Life Distribution - Compare Groups Report

Tip: If you find that the report window is getting too long, select Tabbed Report from the red triangle menu next to Life Distribution - Compare Groups.

If you selected the Compare Groups tab in the launch window, the Life Distribution - Compare Groups report appears. This report compares different groups using a single specified distribution. For example, you might compare Weibull fits for components grouped by supplier. In contrast, the Life Distribution tab compares several fitted distributions for a single group.

You can compare the CDF, Quantile, Hazard, and Density functions. You can also consolidate the probability and quantile predictions of all groups.

For an example of this report, see Examine the Same Distribution across Groups.

The Compare Groups report can contain the following content and options:

Compare Distributions (no Distribution Profiler)

Compare Groups: Statistics

Individual Group

Life Distribution - Compare Groups Report Options

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