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Using JMP > Enter and Edit Your Data > Restructure Data > Make a New Formula Column
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Make a New Formula Column

To perform further analyses on your data, use the New Formula Column menu options from your existing data table. Formula columns use formulas or calculations to define column values.

Right‐click a column heading in your data table and select New Formula Column. Choose from Transform, Character, Combine, Pairwise, Aggregate, Distributional, Date Time, Random, Row, or Vector to calculate column values. A new formula column is added to the data table. See Transform Columns in a JMP Platform for a description of these options.

Note: The same options exist in both the New Formula Column menu, and the right-click column menu in the launch window. However, performing these tasks in a launch window results in a temporary column, and New Formula Column adds a new column to the original data table.

Right-click options depend on the selected column’s data type and the number of columns selected. If the selected column is a Character column, Character and Row options appear. See Character Menu and Row Menu.

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