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Design of Experiments Guide > MaxDiff Design
Publication date: 11/10/2021

MaxDiff Design

Create a Design for Selecting Best and Worst Items

MaxDiff (maximum difference scaling) studies are an alternative to studies that use standard preference scales to determine the relative importance of items being rated. In a MaxDiff study, a respondent reports only the most and least preferred options from among a small set of choices. This forces respondents to rank options in terms of preference, which often results in rankings that are more definitive than rankings obtained using standard preference scales.

Use the MaxDiff platform when you need to construct a design consisting of choice sets for one factor that can be presented to respondents as part of a MaxDiff study. Conduct your study and then analyze your data use the MaxDiff analysis platform.

Figure 19.1 A MaxDiff Design TableĀ 

A MaxDiff Design Table


Overview of the MaxDiff Design Platform

Example of a MaxDiff Design

MaxDiff Design Launch Window

MaxDiff Window

Design Options Outline
Design Outline
Pairwise Incidence Matrix
Make Table

MaxDiff Options

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