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Publication date: 11/10/2021

MaxDiff Options

Set Random Seed

Sets the random seed that JMP uses to control actions that have a random component. These actions include one or more of the following:

initializing search algorithms for design generation

randomizing Run Order for design construction

selecting a starting design for designs based on random starts

To reproduce a design, enter the random seed that generated the design before clicking Make Design.

Note: The random seed associated with a design is included in the DOE Dialog script that is saved to the design data table

Simulate Responses

Select this option to simulate response values. When you click Make Table, a Simulate Choice window opens along with the design table, and Probability and Choice Simulated columns are added to the design table. The Choice Simulated formula column contains random responses and the Probability formula column contains their probabilities.

Caution: To change the model used in simulating the responses, enter values in the Marginal Utility column in the Simulate Choice window for all factor levels but the last. Because the marginal utilities must sum to zero, you are not permitted to edit the Marginal Utility for the last level. Once you have specified the remaining Marginal Utility values, the last level of the factor is adjusted accordingly.

Number of Starts

The number of random starts used in constructing the design. This value is set to 10 by default.

Advanced Options

Not applicable for MaxDiff Designs.

Save Script to Script Window

Creates the script for the design that you specified and places in an open script window.

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