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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Mixture Profiler

Note: This option appears only if you specify the Macros > Mixture Response Surface option for an effect. For more information about the mixture profiler, see Mixture Profiler in Profilers.

The Mixture Profiler shows response contours of mixture experiment models on a ternary plot. Use the Mixture Profiler when three or more factors in your experiment are components in a mixture. The Mixture Profiler helps you visualize and optimize the response surfaces of your experiment.

Figure 3.51 shows the Mixture Profiler for the model in the sample data table. Run the Model data table script and then select Factor Profiling > Mixture Profiler from the report’s red triangle menu. You modify plot axes for the factors by selecting different radio buttons at the top left of the plot. The Lo and Hi Limit columns at the upper right of the plot let you enter constraints for both the factors and the response.

Figure 3.51 Mixture Profiler 

Mixture Profiler

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