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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Move Values in Data Tables

To move values in a data table, select the values, click and pause, and then drag and drop the values into the new location.

Tip: Clicking and dragging on a selection without pausing extends the selection.

When dragging and dropping values, note the following:

Cells retain all of their characteristics and column properties.

After you move cells, missing values appear in the cells that you initially selected.

The selected cells and the destination cells must have the same data type.

If you drag a set of cells to an empty area of the table, new columns are automatically created.

New columns have the original columns’ display format and modeling types.

To specify where to move rows

1. Highlight the rows that you want to move.

2. Select Rows > Move Rows.

3. Specify where you would like to move the rows in the Move Rows window:

To the beginning of the table (At start)

To the end of the table (At end)

After a specific row number (After row:)

Move Content into Another JMP Window

On Windows, you can drag selected content over a minimized window. The minimized window moves to the front and you can paste your content into it. You can do the same thing in JMP. For example, you can drag selected content over the Home Window button Image shown here (located in the bottom right corner of most windows). Then in the Window List, drag the content over the window that you want to move the content into. That window moves to the front and you can drop in the content.

Tip: If you cannot see the JMP Home Window button, select View > Status Bars.

For example, you can drag a selected column, row, or cell from one data table into another; drag selected text from one script window into another; or drag selected content from a report into a journal.

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