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Multivariate Methods > Normal Mixtures
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Normal Mixtures

Group Observations Using Probabilities

Use Normal Mixtures for clustering when your data come from overlapping normal distributions. You need to specify the number of clusters in advance.

Normal mixtures is an iterative technique based on the assumption that the joint probability distribution of the observations is approximated using a mixture of multivariate normal distributions. These mixtures represent different clusters. The individual clusters have multivariate normal distributions.

When clusters are well separated, hierarchical and k-means clustering work well. But when clusters overlap, normal mixtures provides a better alternative, because it is based on cluster membership probabilities, rather than arbitrary cluster assignments based on borders.

Figure 14.1 Normal Mixtures BiplotĀ 

Normal Mixtures Biplot


Overview of the Normal Mixtures Clustering Platform

Overview of Platforms for Clustering Observations

Example of Normal Mixtures Clustering

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Model Based Clustering Report

Model Based Clustering Options

Model Based Clustering Control Panel

Normal Mixtures Report

Cluster Comparison Report
Normal Mixtures Report
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Statistical Details for the Normal Mixtures Clustering Platform

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