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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereOptions for Block Items

To view settings for the components in a selected design or subsystem, do the following:

To view the Configuration settings for a block shape, select the block shape in the System Diagram.

To view Configuration settings for more than one block shape, select multiple block shapes using the Arrow tool, press Ctrl, and click multiple block shapes.

Image shown hereDistribution Options

Each block shape randomly fails according to its specified failure distribution. In addition, you specify a time unit for the distribution. The block shape’s time unit can be different from the time unit option that you specify in the simulation settings. The Turn On Count option is based on the number of times the individual block shape has been set to the On state.

The available failure distributions are listed in Table 12.2.

Table 12.2 Distributions and Additional Parameters

Property Type

Required Inputs




Alpha, Beta


location, scale


location, scale


location, scale


mu, sigma, lambda

DS Weibull

Alpha, Beta, Defective Probability

DS Lognormal

location, scale, Defective Probability

DS Loglogistic

location, scale, Defective Probability

DS Fréchet

location, scale, Defective Probability


data or data file


estimated distribution, data, or data file

To see the formulas and parameterization for these failure distributions, see Distributions.

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