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Basic Analysis > Distributions > Options for Continuous Variables
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Options for Continuous Variables

The red triangle menus next to each variable in the report window contain additional options that apply to the variable. This section describes the options that are available for continuous variables.

Display Options

See Display Options for Continuous Variables.

Histogram Options

See Histogram Options for Continuous Variables.

Normal Quantile Plot

Helps you visualize the extent to which the variable is normally distributed. See Normal Quantile Plot.

Outlier Box Plot

Shows the distribution and helps you identify possible outliers. See Outlier Box Plot.

Quantile Box Plot

Shows specific quantiles from the Quantiles report. See Quantile Box Plot.

Stem and Leaf

See Stem and Leaf.

CDF Plot

Creates a plot of the empirical cumulative distribution function. See CDF Plot.

Test Mean

Perform a one-sample test for the mean. See Test Mean.

Test Std Dev

Perform a one-sample test for the standard deviation. See Test Std Dev.

Test Equivalence

Assesses whether a population mean is equivalent to a hypothesized value. See Test Equivalence.

Confidence Interval

Choose confidence intervals for the mean and standard deviation. See Confidence Intervals.

Prediction Interval

Choose prediction intervals for a single observation, or for the mean and standard deviation of the next randomly selected sample. See Prediction Intervals.

Tolerance Interval

Computes an interval to contain at least a specified proportion of the population. See Tolerance Intervals.

Process Capability

Measures the conformance of a process to given specification limits. See Process Capability.

Continuous Fit

Fits distributions to continuous variables. See Fit Distributions.

Discrete Fit

(Available when all data values are integers.) Fits distributions to discrete variables. See Fit Distributions.


Saves information about continuous or categorical variables. See Prediction Intervals.


Permanently removes the variable and all its reports from the Distribution report.

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