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Basic Analysis > Distributions
Publication date: 11/10/2021


Using the Distribution Platform

Use the Distribution platform to explore the distribution of a single variable using histograms, box plots, and summary statistics. You can perform several types of hypothesis tests, including t tests, z tests, Chi-squared tests, and equivalence tests. You can also construct confidence, tolerance, and prediction intervals, and estimate process capability. The word univariate simply means involving one variable instead of two (bivariate) or many (multivariate). However, you can examine the distribution of several individual variables within a report. The report content for each variable depends on whether the variable is categorical (nominal or ordinal) or continuous.

The Distribution report window is interactive. Clicking on a histogram bar highlights the corresponding data in any other histograms and in the data table.

Figure 3.1 Example of the Distribution Platform 

Example of the Distribution Platform


Overview of the Distribution Platform

Example of the Distribution Platform

Launch the Distribution Platform

The Distribution Report

The Frequencies Report
The Quantiles Report
The Summary Statistics Report

Distribution Platform Options

Options for Categorical Variables

Display Options for Categorical Variables
Histogram Options for Categorical Variables
Save Options for Categorical Variables

Options for Continuous Variables

Display Options for Continuous Variables
Histogram Options for Continuous Variables
Normal Quantile Plot
Outlier Box Plot
Quantile Box Plot
Stem and Leaf
CDF Plot
Test Mean
Test Std Dev
Test Equivalence
Confidence Intervals
Prediction Intervals
Tolerance Intervals
Process Capability
Fit Distributions
Save Options for Continuous Variables

Additional Examples of the Distribution Platform

Example of Selecting Data in Multiple Histograms
Example Using a By Variable
Examples of the Test Probabilities Option
Example of Prediction Intervals
Example of Tolerance Intervals
Example of Process Capability

Statistical Details for the Distribution Platform

Standard Error Bars
Statistical Details for Quantiles
Summary Statistics
Normal Quantile Plot
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
Standard Deviation Test
Normal Quantiles
Saving Standardized Data
Prediction Intervals
Tolerance Intervals
Continuous Fit Distributions
Discrete Fit Distributions

Details for the Legacy Distribution Fitters

Fit Distributions Options (Legacy)
Statistical Details for Continuous Fit Distributions (Legacy)
Statistical Details for Discrete Fit Distributions (Legacy)
Statistical Details for Fitted Quantiles (Legacy)
Statistical Details for Fit Distribution Options (Legacy)
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