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Basic Analysis > Distributions > Details for the Legacy Distribution Fitters > Statistical Details for Fitted Quantiles (Legacy)
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Statistical Details for Fitted Quantiles (Legacy)

Note: Some features of distribution fitting have been updated in JMP 15. This section contains details of the older features from previous JMP releases that have been retained for compatibility purposes. These features are available by selecting Continuous Fit > Enable Legacy Fitters in the red triangle menu for a variable.

The fitted quantiles in the Diagnostic Plot and the fitted quantiles saved with the Save Fitted Quantiles command are formed using the following method:

1. The data are sorted and ranked. Ties are assigned different ranks.

2. Compute the p[i] = rank[i]/(n+1).

3. Compute the quantile[i] = Quantiled(p[i]) where Quantiled is the quantile function for the specific fitted distribution, and i = 1,2,...,n.

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