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Using JMP > Create Formulas in JMP > Order Expressions in Formulas
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Order Expressions in Formulas

As you build a formula, keep in mind that all functions have an order of precedence shown in the following table, where level one is the highest order of precedence. Expressions with a high order of precedence are evaluated before those at lower levels. When an expression has operators of equal precedence, it is evaluated from left to right. You can use parentheses to override other precedence rules when necessary because any expression within parentheses is always evaluated first. Terms have no order of precedence because they cannot be evaluated further. Table 7.3 shows the first six levels of the order of precedence.

Table 7.3 Order of Precedence of Operators in Formulas

Level 1


Level 2

Functions in the Functions lists, And, Or, Not

Level 3

*, ÷, Modulo

Level 4

+, -

Level 5

Comparisons: <, , =, , , >, x <, < x , < x <

Level 6

Logical Operators &, |, and !

Note: When a function has an expression as its argument, the argument has a higher order of precedence than it would if enclosed in parentheses outside the function.

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