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Profilers > Excel Profiler > Overview of the Excel Profiler
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Overview of the Excel Profiler

The JMP Add-In for Excel uses the JMP Profiler to visualize models (or formulas) stored in Excel worksheets. You can choose to install the Excel Add-In when you install JMP. Profiling in the Excel Add-In is a two-step process:

1. Click the Create/Edit Model button (Excel 2010 through 2016) to enter information about the model that JMP needs. This needs to be done only once per model. For more information, click Help in the Create/Edit Model window.

2. Click the Run Model button (Excel 2010 through 2016) to launch the JMP Profiler and run the Excel model. See Run the JMP Profiler.


The Preferences, Data Table, Graph Builder, Distribution, Fit Y by X, Fit Model, Time Series, and Control Chart buttons are not needed to profile an Excel model. For more information about these features, see Import Data Using the Excel Add-In in Using JMP.

A JMP ribbon is added to Microsoft Excel when the add-in is installed. If there is no JMP ribbon, install the add-in by double-clicking the JMP setup.exe file, selecting Modify, selecting Excel Add-In, and clicking Next.

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