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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Pareto Plots

Focus Improvement Efforts on the Vital Few

Improve the statistical quality of your process or operation using Pareto plots. A Pareto plot is a chart that shows severity (frequency) of problems in a quality-related process or operation. Pareto plots help you decide which problems to solve first by highlighting the frequency and severity of problems.

Figure 13.1 Pareto Plot Examples 

Pareto Plot Examples


Overview of the Pareto Plot Platform

Example of the Pareto Plot Platform

Launch the Pareto Plot Platform

The Pareto Plot Report

Pareto Plot Platform Options

Causes Options

Additional Examples of the Pareto Plot Platform

Threshold of Combined Causes Example
Using a Constant Size across Groups Example
Using a Non-Constant Sample Size across Groups Example
One-Way Comparative Pareto Plot Example
Two-Way Comparative Pareto Plot Example

Statistical Details for the Pareto Plot Platform

Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square Test
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