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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Process History Explorer

Identify Problem Components in Complex Process Histories

Note: The Process History Explorer platform is new and experimental. It is subject to change in future releases.

In complex manufacturing situations, such as in semiconductor factories, a defective tool or route combination might lead to poor yield or reduced quality. However, there might be hundreds of steps that a unit passes through that involve many different tools. It can be difficult to determine the exact combination of factors that leads to the poor yield.

The Process History Explorer platform organizes all of the production tracking data and enables you to identity factors that seem to be associated with poor yield. You can then perform stepwise regression. You can analyze the time that a unit spends waiting between steps or tools in the process and see how that waiting time is related to yield. You can also analyze the effect on yield of transitions from one tool to another.

Figure 26.1 Process History Explorer ReportĀ 

Process History Explorer Report


Example of Process History Explorer

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The Process History Explorer Report

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