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Reliability and Survival Methods > Recurrence Analysis > Recurrence Analysis Platform Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Recurrence Analysis Platform Options

The Recurrence Analysis red triangle menu contains the following options:

MCF Plot

Shows or hides the mean cumulative function (MCF) plot.

MCF Confid Limits

Shows or hides lines corresponding to the approximate 95% confidence limits of the mean cumulative function (MCF).

Event Plot

Shows or hides the Event Plot. If a Cost column is specified in the launch window, the markers in the Event Plot are sized by the values in the Cost column.

Calendar Event Plot

(Available only when the events are designated by a timestamp rather than an age.) Shows or hides the Calendar Event Plot, which shows events with calendar date on the horizontal axis. This plot is next to the Event Plot and the units in each plot are aligned vertically.

Plot Interarrival by Age

Shows or hides the Interarrival by Age plot, which plots the time between successive events on the vertical axis and the event times on the horizontal axis. You can use this plot to determine whether there are changes in the time between events in your data. For a recurrence analysis, the interarrival times should be independent and identically distributed over time. For more information about interarrival plots, see Tobias and Trindade (2012, p. 420).

Plot MCF Differences

(Available only when you specify a grouping variable.) Shows or hides a plot of the difference of MCFs, including a 95% confidence interval for that difference. The MCFs are significantly different where the confidence interval lines do not cross the zero line. This option is available only when you specify a grouping variable.

MCF Plot Each Group

(Available only when you specify a grouping variable.) Shows or hides a report that contains a mean cumulative function (MCF) plot for each level of the grouping variable.

This option can be used to get an MCF Plot for each unit if the Label, System ID variable is also specified as the Grouping variable.

Fit Model

Enables you to fit models for the Recurrence Intensity and Cumulative functions. See Fit Model.

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