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Reliability and Survival Methods > Recurrence Analysis
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Recurrence Analysis

Model the Frequency or Cost of Recurrent Events over Time

The Recurrence Analysis platform analyzes event times, where the events can recur several times for each unit, item, or person. In an industrial setting, these events can occur when a unit breaks down, is repaired, and then put back into service after the repair. The units are followed until they are ultimately taken out of service.

In a medical setting, recurrence analysis can be used to analyze data from continuing treatments of a long-term disease, such as the recurrence of tumors in patients receiving treatment for bladder cancer.

The goal of the analysis is to obtain the mean cumulative function (MCF), which shows the total cost per unit as a function of time. Cost can be a count of the number of repairs, or it can be the actual cost of repair.

Figure 6.1 Recurrence Analysis Example 

Recurrence Analysis Example


Overview of the Recurrence Analysis Platform

Example of the Recurrence Analysis Platform

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Additional Examples of the Recurrence Analysis Platform

Bladder Cancer Recurrences Example
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