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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Response Options

Red triangle menu options for the response give you the ability to customize reports according to your needs.

Regression Reports

Provides basic reports and report options. See Regression Reports.


Provides options for further analyses relating to parameter estimates. See Estimates.

Effect Screening

Provides reports and plots for identifying significant effects. See Effect Screening.

Factor Profiling

Provides profilers, interaction, and cube plots to examine how the response is related to the model terms. Also provides a plot and report for fitting a Box-Cox transformation. See Factor Profiling.

Row Diagnostics

Provides plots and reports for examining residuals. Also reports the PRESS statistic and provides a Durbin-Watson test. See Row Diagnostics.

Save Columns

Saves model results as columns in the data table, except for Save Coding Table, which saves results in a separate data table. See Save Columns.

Model Dialog

Shows the completed Fit Model launch window for the current analysis.

Effect Summary

Shows the interactive Effect Summary report that enables you to add or remove effects from the model. See Effect Summary Report.

See Local Data Filters in Reports, Redo Menus in Reports, and Save Script Menus in Reports in Using JMP for more information about the following options:

Local Data Filter

Shows or hides the local data filter that enables you to filter the data used in a specific report.


Contains options that enable you to repeat or relaunch the analysis. In platforms that support the feature, the Automatic Recalc option immediately reflects the changes that you make to the data table in the corresponding report window.

Save Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the report to several destinations.

Save By-Group Script

Contains options that enable you to save a script that reproduces the platform report for all levels of a By variable to several destinations. Available only when a By variable is specified in the launch window.

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