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Publication date: 11/10/2021


Use the Response outline to specify a response for a Taguchi design.

Figure 14.9 Response OutlineĀ 

Response Outline

The Response outline contains the following columns:

Response Name

The name of the response (the default is Y). To change this name, double-click it and enter a different name.

Goal, Lower Limit, Upper Limit

The Goal determines the form of the signal-to-noise function (Table 14.1). Select one of the following Goals: Larger Is Better, Nominal is Best, Smaller is Better, or None. When you create your design, JMP saves a formula for the SN Ratio to the data table that reflects your selected goal. To change a goal, click it and enter a different goal. Use the Lower and Upper Limits if you have limits on your response.


When you have several responses, the Importance values that you specify are used to compute an overall desirability function. These values are treated as weights for the responses. In a Taguchi Design there is only one response, the Importance is set to 1 by default. No value is needed for the Importance.

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