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Design of Experiments Guide > Taguchi Designs
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Taguchi Designs

Designs with Noise Factors

A Taguchi design uses crossed array to explore factors in the presence of noise. A Taguchi design has two parts: the inner array is a design for control factors, and the outer array is a design for the noise factors. The full design is the cross product of the two arrays.

Note that noise factors in production that are not easy or cost effective to control must be controlled during an experiment. Alternatives to Taguchi designs include combined arrays and mixed resolution designs (Borror and Montgomery, 2000). For an example of a design with noise factors using the custom designer see Experiments for Robust Process and Product Design.

Figure 14.1 Taguchi Design with Three Control Factors and Two Noise Factors 

Taguchi Design with Three Control Factors and Two Noise Factors


Overview of Taguchi Designs

Example of a Taguchi Design

Build a Taguchi Design

Choose Taguchi Inner and Outer Array Designs
Display Coded Design
Make the Design Table

Taguchi Design Options

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