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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereResults Table

When you click the green arrow under the Start block to run the simulation, the results of the simulation appear in a data table. This table describes the events and subsequent actions that occurred in each simulation iteration.

The results table contains the following columns:

Sim ID

Identifies the simulation iteration to which the event or action belongs.


Gives the exact time that the event or action took place in the simulation.


Gives the name of the block shape to which the event or action is connected or System in the case of system events and actions.


Gives the name of the event or action that took place.


Gives the state of the Subject at that exact Time. The initialization and termination of each action are denoted with Start and Finish, respectively.


Gives an additional description of an action. The end of each simulation iteration is denoted with End.

Figure 12.10 RSS Results TableĀ 

RSS Results Table

Notice that the first entry in Figure 12.10 is the start of the Initialization Spare in Trunk action, which has an immediate completion time. The action turns the Spare component off and then finishes while Time is still 0.

The next event that occurs is Tire 2 is Unrepairable when approximately 65 days have passed in the first simulation iteration. In row five, the system is unintentionally set to the Down state because only three tires are functional. The Need 4 Tires to Drive knot requires at least four tires, including the Spare, to be functional. The Tire 2 is Unrepairable event simultaneously triggers the Replace Tire 2 action and the Use Spare action. The Drive with Spare action is triggered in row eleven, and the system is set to the On state.

Notice that Tire 2 failed and was replaced by the Spare at the same time. No time elapsed between the time that the system was set to the Down state and the time that the system was returned to the On state. Because the subsequent actions had an immediate completion time, the Tire 2 is Unrepairable event did not cause any system outage time. The results explorer shows the system outage time that accumulates when actions are non-immediate.

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