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Using JMP > Save and Share Your Data > Create Journals > Right-Click Options in Journals
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Right-Click Options in Journals

Add Outline Item

Groups text and links into collapsible and expandable lists.

Add Text Item

Enter up to six paragraphs with the option to add a bullet or hide the text. To unhide, right-click the hidden text and deselect Hide.

Note: To add text outside an outline level, you can also double-click at the end of the journal and enter text in the box that appears. Click outside the box to exit the editing mode.

Add Window Reference

Creates a link to a window already opened in JMP.

Add File Reference

Creates a link to a file on your computer.

Add Directory of Files

Creates links to all files (including non JMP files) in the selected directory.

Add Open Files

Creates outline levels and links to open files in JMP (except for the log). For example, a link to the open Big data table and chart is displayed below a collapsible heading named Big Class. Files such as journals, scripts, and tutorials are grouped below a collapsible heading called Other Files.

Add URL Reference

Creates a link to files that are delivered through an internet protocol such as HTTP, FTP, or FILE://.

Add Script Button

Creates a link to a JSL script. Right-click the link and deselect Underline Style to display the link as a button.

Add Script Box

Adds a box in which you type a script.


Hides the journal toolbar and insertion cursor. If you select Save Script > To Journal from a platform, the results are not appended to a locked journal

Edit Links

Enables you to rename file links (for example, to remove a hardcoded path). An option to test links is also provided. If the path is valid, nothing happens when you click Test Links. If it is not valid, an error message appears in the log. To update an invalid link, click Replace.

Size to Fit

Resizes the window to ensure that button names are fully displayed.

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