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Using JMP > Save and Share Your Data
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Save and Share Your Data

Get Your Data Out of JMP

This chapter covers the following topics:

saving data tables as text files, SAS data sets, Excel files, and other formats

saving reports as interactive HTML and PowerPoint

emailing reports and data tables

saving analyses as scripts

saving parts of a report as a graphic

printing reports

copying and pasting reports

creating JMP journals or projects

saving JMP sessions

saving log windows

The method that you choose depends on how you want to interact with your analyses in the future:

If you want to interactively present your data, you might choose to create a JMP journal.

If you want to send data tables, linked reports, and other items to someone, you might choose to create a JMP project.

If you want to continue to explore a report later, you might choose to create a JMP report.

If you want to send a report to a non JMP user, you might convert the report to interactive HTML or a web report.


Save and Share Data Tables

Save Data Tables as Microsoft Excel Files
Save JMP Data as a CSV File
Save JMP Data as a Text File
Save JMP Data as a JSON File
Save JMP Data as a SAS Transport File
Save JMP Data as a Google Sheet
Save JMP Data as a SAS Data Set
Save Data Tables to a Database
Replace a Database with a Data Table

Save and Share Reports

Share Reports as Interactive HTML
Publish Reports to JMP Live or JMP Public

Save Reports as PDF Files

Save Reports as PowerPoint Presentations
Setting the Graphic DPI for Exported Graphics

Save a JMP Analysis as a Script

Save Parts of a Report in a Graphic Format

Print Reports

Copy and Paste Reports

Work with Projects

Create a New Project
Open Files in a Project
Rearrange Files in Projects
Save a Project
Project Workspace
Project Bookmarks
Project Contents
Recent Files in Projects
Project Log
Move Files into Projects
Write a Project On Open Script
Example of Creating a New Project

Create Journals

Example of Making a Journal for a Presentation
Create New Journals
Manage Links in Shared Journals
Add and Edit Outlines to Journals
Right-Click Options in Journals
Control the Display of Outline Levels in Journals
Add a Graph or Graphic to Journals
Customize Items in Journals
Prevent Modifications to Journals
Append Reports to Journals
Save Journals in Other Formats
Delete Items from Journals

Save JMP Sessions

Save Sessions upon Exiting JMP
Save Sessions Manually

Save a Log Window

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