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Using JMP > Save and Share Your Data > Save Reports as PDF Files > Setting the Graphic DPI for Exported Graphics
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Setting the Graphic DPI for Exported Graphics

On Windows, there are several ways to set the resolution (or DPI) for exported graphics:

To change the default DPI for all graphics, set the DPI to in the Windows Specific preferences. The Default option uses the default setting of your operating system.

The following script lets you set the default DPI to a different value. Change the number if you want a different DPI and then run the script.

Pref( Save Image DPI( 600 ) );

To verify the default DPI after you run the preceding script, run the following script:

Get Preferences( Save Image DPI );

The Windows Specific preferences and Save Report As window show Default as the DPI after you run this script. The setting applies until you change it. On the Save Report As window, select Always use this setting to save your choice across multiple JMP sessions.

For a specific graphic, set the DPI in the Save Report As window.

On macOS, you cannot change the default DPI, which is 72.

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