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Using JMP > Save and Share Your Data > Save and Share Data Tables > Save JMP Data as a SAS Data Set
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Save JMP Data as a SAS Data Set

You can save data tables as SAS version 7 and higher data sets. JMP writes columns as SAS variables, writes rows as SAS observations, and makes other changes to follow the SAS data set specifications.

When you export data to a SAS data set, JMP date columns become SAS date values with the appropriate SAS format.

On Windows, JMP can save column properties and table properties as extended attributes in a SAS 9.4 .sas7bxat file. The option is available in the Save JMP As window and in the SAS Integration preferences.


1. Select File > Export.

2. Select SAS Data Set and click Next.

3. Enter the file name next to File name.

4. (Optional) To save SAS variable names or SAS formats, select the Preserve SAS variable names or Preserve SAS formats check boxes.

5. (Optional) To store JMP metadata as extended attributes for SAS 9.4, select Store table and column properties in SAS 9.4 extended attributes. JMP automatically assigns the .sas7bxat file extension.

6. Click Save.

7. Click Yes.

8. If other alerts appear, click OK on each alert.


1. Select File > Export.

2. Select SAS and click Next.

3. Enter the filename and select export options.

To avoid exporting rows that have the Excluded row state, select Honor Excluded Rows. The other options are described in the preceding section.

4. Click Export.

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