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Using JMP > Save and Share Your Data > Save JMP Sessions > Save Sessions upon Exiting JMP
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Save Sessions upon Exiting JMP

The most common use of saved sessions is to save the state when JMP exits so that it can be restored when JMP restarts. By default, JMP asks whether you would like to save the state of your session each time you exit the program (Figure 10.30). This enables you to quit JMP, and then return to it later without having to open the files with which you were previously working.

Figure 10.30 Saving Session upon Exiting 

Saving Session upon Exiting

To always save the session upon exiting, select Do not ask me again about saving the session and click Yes or No. This option also prevents JMP from saving the session upon exiting,

You can change this option later in Preferences:

1. Choose File > Preferences.

2. Select the General icon.

3. Next to the Save the session when exiting option, choose when you want JMP to save the session. Always, never, and prompt whether you want to save are the options.

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