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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereSimulate

Answer Challenging Questions with Parametric Resampling

The Simulate platform is available only in JMP Pro.

The Simulate feature provides powerful parametric and nonparametric simulation capability. Use Simulate to do the following:

Expand on the bootstrap to provide parametric bootstrapping.

Obtain power calculations in nonstandard situations.

Approximate the distribution of statistics, such as predicted values, and confidence intervals, in nonstandard situations.

Conduct permutation tests.

Explore the effect of assumptions about predictors on models.

Explore various “what if” scenarios relative to your models.

Evaluate new or existing statistical methods.

The Simulate option is available in many reports, including all of those that support Bootstrap. To access the Simulate option, right-click in a report.

Figure 10.1 Power Analysis Using Simulate 

Power Analysis Using Simulate


Overview of the Simulate Platform

Examples That Use Simulate

Construct Semiparametric Confidence Intervals for Variance Components
Conduct a Permutation Test
Explore Retaining a Factor in Generalized Regression
Conduct Prospective Power Analysis for a Nonlinear Model

Launch the Simulate Window

The Simulate Window

The Simulate Results Table

Simulation Results Report
Simulated Power Report
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