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Basic Analysis > Simulate > The Simulate Results Table
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereThe Simulate Results Table

Simulate results appear in a table. Note the following:

The first row of the table contains the values for the table items that appear in the report. For this reason, the first row is always excluded.

The remaining rows give the simulation results. The number of remaining rows is equal to the Number of Samples that you specified in the Simulate launch window.

The rows in the report are identified by the first column in the report table that contains the selected column of calculated values. A column appears in the simulated results table for each item in this first column.

The table contains a Distribution script that constructs a Distribution report. This report contains histograms, quantiles, summary statistics, and simulation results for each column in the simulated results data table. In addition to the standard Distribution report, the report contains the following items:

A red line that denotes the original estimate appears on the histogram.

A Simulation Results report containing the original estimate, as well as confidence intervals and empirical p-values for the simulation. See Simulation Results Report.

If the values in the simulated results data table have a PValue format, a Simulated Power report is also provided. See Simulated Power Report.

The table contains a Power Analysis script only if you have simulated a column of p-values. This script constructs a Distribution report showing histograms of p-values and provides a Simulated Power report. See Simulated Power Report.

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