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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Supercategories Options

The following options are available in the Supercategories red triangle menu in the Column Properties window:


Hides categories within a supercategory in the crosstab table and frequency chart.

Tip: If you want the flexibility to show or hide the individual categories in your reports, then do not use the Hide option. Use the Response Level option in the Categorical red triangle menu.


(Available only for a multiple response column.) Prevents individual respondents from being counted twice when they appear in more than one supercategory.

Add Mean

Includes mean statistics in the report.

Add Std Dev

Includes standard deviation statistics in the report.

Add All

Includes total responses in the report. By default, the Total Responses column is always included.

Note: Supercategories are supported for all response effects except Repeated Measures and Rater Agreement.

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