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Essential Graphing > Ternary Plots
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Ternary Plots

View Plots for Compositional or Mixture Data

The Ternary Plot command in the Graph menu produces a three-axis plot.

Ternary plots are a way of displaying the distribution and variability of three-part compositional data. (For example, the proportion of sand, silt, and clay in soil or the proportion of three chemical agents in a trial drug.) You can use data expressed in proportions or use absolute measures.

The ternary display is a triangle with sides scaled from 0 to 1. Each side represents one of the three components. A point is plotted so that a line drawn perpendicular from the point to each leg of the triangle intersect at the component values of the point.

Figure 11.1 Examples of Ternary PlotsĀ 

Examples of Ternary Plots


Example of a Ternary Plot

Launch the Ternary Plot Platform

The Ternary Plot

Mixtures and Constraints

Ternary Plot Platform Options

Additional Examples of the Ternary Plot Platform

Example Using Mixture Constraints
Example Using a Contour Function
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