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Essential Graphing
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Essential Graphing

Introduction to Interactive Graphing

Overview of Data Visualization

Essential Graphing describes all of the different graphs and elements you can use to visualize your data:

Graph Builder interactively creates many different types of graphs. See Graph Builder and Graph Builder Examples.

Bubble Plot creates a scatterplot that represents its points as circles, or bubbles. Bubble plots can be dynamic (animated over time) or static (fixed bubbles that do not move). See Bubble Plots.

Scatterplot Matrix shows an ordered collection of bivariate graphs. See Scatterplot Matrix.

Parallel Plot draws connected line segments that represent each row in a data table. See Parallel Plots.

Cell Plot draws a rectangular array of cells where each cell corresponds to a data table entry. See Cell Plots.

3D Scatterplot shows the values of numeric columns in the associated data table in a rotatable, three-dimensional view. See Scatterplot 3D.

Contour Plot constructs contours of a response in a rectangular coordinate system. See Contour Plots.

Ternary Plot display the distribution and variability of three-part compositional data. See Ternary Plots.

Maps can be used in Graph Builder, but also in other platforms, as background maps. See Maps.

Treemaps, charts, and overlay plots are deprecated platforms and can be created using Graph Builder. See Legacy Platforms.

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