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Essential Graphing > Contour Plots
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Contour Plots

View Multidimensional Relationships in Two Dimensions

The Contour Plot command in the Graph menu constructs contours of a response in a rectangular coordinate system. A contour plot shows a three-dimensional surface in two dimensions. Contours delineate changes in the third dimension.

Here are some of the options available with the Contour platform:

specify the number of contour levels

choose to plot contour lines or filled contours

show or hide data points

label contours with response values

define and use a custom coloring scheme

Figure 10.1 Examples of Contour Plots 

Examples of Contour Plots


Example of a Contour Plot

Example Using the Contour Platform
Example of a Contour Plot in Graph Builder

Launch the Contour Plot Platform

The Contour Plot

Contour Plot Platform Options

Fill Areas
Contour Specification
Contour Plot Save Options
Use Formulas for Specifying Contours

Additional Example of Contour Plots

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