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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Contour Plot Save Options

This menu has options to save information about contours, triangulation, and grid coordinates to data tables.

Save Contours

Creates a new JMP data table with columns for the following:

the x- and y-coordinate values generated by the Contour platform for each contour

the response computed for each coordinate set

the curve number for each coordinate set

The number of observations in this table depends on the number of contours you specified. You can use the coordinates and response values to look at the data with other JMP platforms. For example, you can use the Scatterplot 3D platform to get a three-dimensional view of the pond.

Generate Grid

Displays a window that prompts you for the grid size that you want. When you click OK, the Contour platform creates a new JMP data table with the following:

the number of grid coordinates you requested

the contour values for the grid points computed from a linear interpolation

Save Triangulation

Creates a new JMP data table that lists coordinates of each triangle used to construct the contours. By default, JMP uses Delaunay triangulation to connect the nearest data points to form triangles. The resulting set of triangles are calculated so that no other data points are inside a triangle’s circumscribed circle, that is, the circle that passes through the three vertices of the triangle. To change the triangulation to a normalized scale, select Transform > Range Normalized.

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