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Essential Graphing > Scatterplot 3D
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Scatterplot 3D

Create a Rotating Three-Dimensional View of Data

The Scatterplot 3D platform shows the values of numeric columns in the associated data table in a rotatable, three-dimensional view. Up to three columns that you select from the associated data table are displayed at one time.

To help visualize variation in higher dimensions, the 3D scatterplot can show a biplot representation of the points and variables when you request principal components. The most prominent directions of data are displayed on the 3D scatterplot report.

Figure 9.1 Example of a 3D ScatterplotĀ 

Example of a 3D Scatterplot


Example of a 3D Scatterplot

Launch the Scatterplot 3D Platform

The Scatterplot 3D Report

Spin the 3D Scatterplot
Change Variables on the Axes
Adjust the Axes
Assign Colors and Markers to Data Points
Assign Colors and Markers in the Data Table

Scatterplot 3D Platform Options

Normal Contour Ellipsoids
Nonparametric Density Contours
Pop-Up Menu

Additional Examples of the Scatterplot 3D Platform

Example of an Ungrouped Normal Contour Ellipsoid
Example of Grouped Normal Contour Ellipsoids
Example of a Grouped Nonparametric Density Contour
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