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Essential Graphing > Scatterplot 3D > The Scatterplot 3D Report
Publication date: 11/10/2021

The Scatterplot 3D Report

To produce the 3D scatterplot shown in Figure 9.4, follow the instructions in Example of a 3D Scatterplot.

The Scatterplot 3D report shows a three-dimensional spinnable view of your data. See Figure 9.4. In the launch window, you select the variables and then create the report. The variables are displayed on the 3D scatterplots’ x, y, and z axes. Up to three variables can be displayed at a time.

Note: The Crosshairs tool is not supported in 3D scatterplots.

Figure 9.4 Example of Information Displayed on the Scatterplot 3D Report 

Example of Information Displayed on the Scatterplot 3D Report

Note: Any rows that are excluded in the data table are also hidden in the 3D scatterplot.

Plot source

The plot source box indicates the source of the data in the plot.

Circle Size slider

Click and drag the Circle Size slider to resize the balls while maintaining their relative sizes.

Note: The Circle Size slider appears only if you have specified a Weight variable.

Axis controls

Select which variable appears on each axis. Choose the Other option to add a new variable.

Next Axis Set Image shown here

Cycles through the axis controls for any hidden variables. See Change Variables on the Axes.

Note: The Next Axis Set button appears only if your analysis contains more than three variables.

After you create a 3D scatterplot, you can add features such as displaying ellipses around specific data points, showing separate principal components, rotating components, connecting points, and more. See Scatterplot 3D Platform Options.

You can also assign colors and symbols (or markers) to data points either on the 3D scatterplot itself or in the associated data table. See Assign Colors and Markers to Data Points and Assign Colors and Markers in the Data Table.

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